Expert Commentary for BigArt

If you love writing about contemporary art then why not write a article for the BigArt website. You can submit an article for free and as well as helping us to promote the word we can also allow links to your own blog or website. Webmasters are growing increasingly aware that the best way to promote their own sites is to write guest articles and blogs for website in their own field.

BigArt post rules

If you want to contribute a post then your article needs to be on a subject related to contemporary art. It doesn’t have to be about modern art for homes or offices but it does need to be on an interesting art-related theme. The content needs to be 100% original material (will will check that this is the case) and the article needs to be at least 500 words long. We expect it to be well written and we have to right to reject work if we are not completely satisfied.

What’s in it for you? As well as writing on a subject that you love, you can also have one link to you own website or blog in the copy. We don’t accept anonymous articles but you can also have a URL link in the short (one sentence) biography at the end of the article. We do not accept any back links to websites associated will money lending or loans companies. Big Art is a long established website (established in 1999) and it has a strong ‘search’ profile.

How to submit your Art Article

Submissions are free, but please ensure you abide by the guidelines above. We reserve the right to decline any blog article that doesn’t meet the required standards. Please email your article to the following email address: blog[at symbol]

It should be in the format of a Word or Open Office document and make sure you highlight the text that you want to link from and also the URL links themselves. Don’t forget to include a one sentence biography and ideally a link to your Google+ page or personal blog/website – we’re not fans of the anonymous ‘expert’!
Richard Bloomfield