The World Is Your Canvas – 4 Interesting Surfaces To Paint On

When you think art and paintings, probably the first thing that comes into your mind is a pristine white canvas or a sheet of paper, isn’t it? Well, this article is about some other infamous unconventional surfaces for you to chuck some paints at and make it look as creative and interesting as the painting itself. If painting is your thing and if you take it as a serious hobby, painting on different surfaces can give you a brilliant opportunity to experiment and come up with something extraordinary. Glass painting artHere are a few such interesting surfaces for you to dab your brushes at:


Glass can prove to be a fantastic surface for you to showcase your creativity. Be it your bedroom window, a bottle or a vase made of glass, a glass cabinet, a lampshade or simply a sheet of plain glass that you wish to get framed, glass paintings can look amazingly beautiful and can make your home look aesthetically brighter. However, you will have to make sure you use glass paints which are specially meant for making glass paintings. So next time you visit a stationery shop, don’t forget to pick up a few!

Art painted on rocksRock painting

Rock art is by no means, a contemporary concept. In fact, rock art can easily be known as one of the oldest forms of art known to mankind. There are rock paintings, rock carvings, inscriptions, and sculptures that date back as early as the Upper Paleolithic period, i.e., almost 50,000 to 10,000 years ago. All these forms of rock art created by our ancestors, have led to the concept of modern-day rock painting. So as long as you have a smooth rock to paint on, a handful of acrylic paints and some brushes, you are ready to paint! You can also try painting some cute designs, prints, cartoons etc. on pebbles or stones in your backyard, for a start.

Painted body artBody art

Body art is manifested in many creative forms. Some enjoy painting their faces for a fancy dress party, some might go in for a henna print on their hands, some fancy getting their entire body painted while some go on to get their bodies inked permanently, in the form of tattoos. Body art is also used popularly by artists, dancers and performers. Like rock painting, even body painting has been around for a long time. Long before the concept of modern body painting came into existence, tribals of almost all communities around the globe have used natural colors, clay, mud etc. to paint their bodies as a part of tradition or culture.

Wall graffiti artGraffiti – art on public walls

Graffiti is essentially a form of art which involves drawings or messages painted on walls or surfaces in a public place. Graffiti can range from detailed wall paintings to simple words or messages. Graffiti is known to have existed since ancient times, with a few paintings dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Though there are countries which appreciate and allow graffiti art, there are some countries where graffiti on public walls is considered illegal, while some countries have designated walls and areas exclusively for graffiti artists.
These were some remarkable examples to prove that indeed, for a true artist the world is a canvas. Literally, as long as you have your paints, your brushes, and the desire to paint, you’ll automatically find a surface.

Author Bio:

Alex Hales is a sketch artist and runs an art gallery by the name of Bradshaw Rock Art. He conducts frequent exhibitions of his work and is extremely good in his craft and has won many honours and titles for his exemplary work.