How to Clean Oil Brushes

Oil brushes WPD 2014Clean oil brushes are some of the most valuable assets an artist can have, especially considering this is his or her primary tool for creativity. The process for cleaning them is not as complicated as it may seem, though there are extra steps in comparison to cleaning up after watercolor or acrylic paint usage. Artists will need turpentine, a small container (plastic or glass), mild detergent, and newspaper.

Step 1: Use the newspaper to finger squeeze out all the excess paint from the oil brushes. The paint should be mostly used up on in the brush as it is, so there should not be much left. Use the newspaper for this step by wrapping the paper around the brush head. Do not squeeze or pull too hard so the brush head does not become damaged.

Step 2: Pour some turpentine into a small container and dip the oil brushes into the container. Swish the brushes around until the paint releases into the liquid. Once the paint releases, return to them to the newspaper and wipe them off. There should be more paint wiping off into the newspaper during this process. It will not completely wash off into the turpentine.

Step 3: Place a small amount of mild detergent into the palm of your hand and then swirl the oil brushes through the soap. You will see the soap begin to discolor as the rest of the paint is released and washed away. Rinse the brush head in clear water, and wash the soap from your hand. Repeat this process until the soap no longer discolors in the palm of your hand.

Step 4: Pull the tip of the oil brushes through the newspaper once more after it comes clean in the palm of your hand. This will ensure that no more dirty water or residue is left in the deep recesses of the brush’s head. If there is a lot of paint left deep down by the metal portion of the brush head, repeat the process by returning to the turpentine and begin again to ensure all the paint is properly released from the bristles.

Step 5: Store oil brushes so they are standing upright inside a container or lying flat inside a pouch or brush holder. This will prevent the bristles on the brush from becoming damaged. If you are storing your oil brushes inside a pouch or brush holder, make sure they are completely dry before doing so. Otherwise, they could develop mildew deep inside the bristles and the metal could rust. This damage will transfer into the oil paint if it is not noticed, and that will then transfer on to the canvas.

Step 6: Make sure you have turpentine and mild detergent (this can be hand soap or dish soap) on hand at all times so your oil brushes can be cleaned immediately after use. Keep containers of water and newspaper ready, as well, so clean up can easily occur without you having to hunt for the necessary materials to do so.

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Top tips for creating a heritage-look with your arts display

You might not live in a stately home but you can still create a stylish heritage look with your arts display. The pieces you choose and the way you present them are equally important to the overall effect.

Here are five tips for creating your own home heritage look:

1. Source large prints

You don’t have to break the bank and bid for originals in order to create a strong heritage look. Buy and frame large prints from galleries, taking care to choose pieces that will fit the overall look.

2. Consider themes and periods

If you’re going for a true heritage look you might want to decide in advance if you want to stick to a certain theme, style or time period. You don’t have to stick rigidly to any theme but jumping around all over the place can be a little jarring. Retaining a theme can bring a sense of cohesion to the display.

3. Think about frames

The art itself is obviously the most important aspect of any display but the frames you choose can also have a large impact on the viewer. If you’re aiming for a heritage look you should really stick with heritage frames. Think classic designs, colours and finishes rather than modern, minimalist and funky. If you replace existing frames, old ones can be upcycled in a number of ways. Try reusing as a dried flower frame or turning into a horizontal frame tray, or experiment with different painting techniques and colours.

4. Consider the setting

A heritage display could look out of place in a room or space that doesn’t really fit. Go for a classic look in your room, from stylish georgian doors and windows to mirrors, lighting and even furniture if your display is not arranged in its own dedicated space. Light is extremely important for viewing any artwork so try to choose a space with as much natural lighting as possible.

5. Create your own pieces

If you’re confident in your abilities, you might want to try creating your own pieces using heritage paint colours. Even if you’re not the most artistically talented there’s nothing to stop you from giving it a go. Try to complement existing pieces as far as colour and composition goes but don’t feel like you have to compete with the old masters.

Chic Wall art displays for home renovations

Embellishing homes and personal spaces is always a fun filled activity if you are up to turning your own ideas into life. As far as wall decorations concern, wall art displays and canvases are vastly used and liked to prettify bare and dull walls. Commonly, people strive to display more expensive paintings and designer wall art to make their house look extra sophisticated. But you don’t always have to spend such lavishly on buying expensive decorations, rather utilize your self-creativity to elevate your personal grooming as well as worth of your home in matchless approach. You must have heard about printed and painted canvases, metal prints and acrylic prints to enhance the fortifications of interiors. Here we are representing several kind of canvas styles that you can use to electrify your house.

Fabric wall canvas

Fabrics are usually considered to make outfits and household stuff, but using this material for canvas display is unique in every way. Bold and dominating prints leave an elegant impression on spectator’s mind. Try them out on fixing over empty frame to shape them into canvas and adorn your walls with aesthetic demonstration of casual stuff in your home.

Printed canvas

Ideal and convenient style of wall presentations are cheap canvas prints for home renovations in contemporary designs. You can take the advantage of online printing services offering best quality in lowest prices to grab your desired photos printed onto canvas in fabulous colours. You can make them exclusive by rare and personal pictures, styles of your choice and wraps that suits your interior design.

Duck tape wall art

Duck tape comes in large range of different colours, prints and textures to help you create your own style of canvas for wall display in your personal room. People tend to use them for several kinds of purposes, to embellish their stuff, to turn their shoes and bags into funky products and even to make out dresses with these fantastic tapes. Fill a board or plain canvas with selected print of duck tape, attach wondrous fancy elements and letters of fancy foam to present your name with chic style.

Scrap book paper wall display

Scrap papers are being a very old tradition to make scarp book look amazing. Now you can try out art display with these tussled papers. Select a series of designs available at stores to bring out the transitional touch to small collage of canvas wall art for leisure zone.

Fancy stuff canvas

On special occasions and celebrations of annual eves, you need to gift your loved ones with exceptional items as well as love to decorate your home with full zest and zeal. Make use of fancy stuff and items to embellish plain, dull and ruff canvases or previous paintings to display for the occasion with a touch of glow. Button, paper flowers, beads, glitter, feathers, furs, diamante, crystals and other elaborative elements will help you to do this project.

Lace canvases

Like fabric canvases, lace canvases are also an innovative ideal to incorporate into your home settings. Elegant, fragile laces can now fill your surroundings with chic designs demonstration on your walls. You can stretch these fabulous piece of laces on plain canvas with neutral or coloured base, on the other hand you can also take advantage of amazing patterns to form spray paint designs on bare canvas to make wall hangings.

Wooden art

Wooden planks and boards are also a useable material to form DIY canvases as wall art displays. Rustic and antique styles look more fascinating on this material. Cover the wooden piece with white bases and intricate it with vibrant hues to portray abstract or elaborative landscape.

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