Julian Kirk’s New Website

Artist and long time friend of BigArt has recently re-launched his new website – www.juliankirk.co.uk

Julian is best known for his motoring artwork and has a great love for old cars and their “precious smell composed of cracked leather, decayed petrol, grease and leaking Hypoid gear oil.” Jaguars, Astons, Talbots and a Ford GT40 have all been part of his car stable and many of them captured in paintings over the years. The home page of Julian’s website shows him working on a painting of a classic Riley car.

Artist Julian Kirk 'in action'

For the last four years, Julian has contributed cartoons for the very limited edition Jaguar Calendar – just 100 copies, each signed and numbered by Julian in the style of of limited edition hand-made prints. A must have for any Jaguar car enthusiast!

As well as cartoons and motoring art, Julian has also branched out into Murals, often using a technique known as ‘Trompe L’oeil’ – giving the impression of illusionary scenes to interior walls and ceilings – find out more here.

A recent exciting development for Julian is creating artwork for film and TV. He has done a series of paintings for the forthcoming feature film ‘Goy Detective and the Gentleman Pimp’ (details here) . The title alone suggests that this will certainly be something to look out for. Julian has contributed some of the backdrops and the grim imagery as if painted by the troubled central character of the policeman in the title.

Hope you enjoy Julian’s new website!