Great Wall Art for your Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t the first place you think about when it comes to displaying your finest artwork! The damp and humid environment is not ideal for pictures, but there are plenty of interesting things that you can do with bathroom ‘art’. There’s a good chance that a little creativity will be appreciated by your guests and become a talking point.

There are a few common themes for bathroom artwork and humour is usually high up the agenda!

Short Quotations

This kind of bathroom artwork tends to be in the form of framed prints or quotations stenciled directly onto a wall. Most quotes revolve around either the meaning of life, or the toilet… more often the latter!

Bathroom quotations

Here are some examples of other quotations commonly found in bathrooms:

  • Better to be late than arrive ugly
  • Today is a good day for a good day
  • When life gives you shit, flush it away
  • Please remain seated during the entire performance!
  • My aim is to keep this bathroom clean – your aim will help
  • The best seat in the house


For some reason artwork with roots in the Victorian period is a common bathroom theme. Many ‘modern’ bathrooms are made in a Victorian style with roll top and slipper baths or high cistern toilets. Some very typical examples of the genre are shown below – the Pear’s soap picture is particular favourite in domestic UK bathrooms.

Victorian bathroom art

Paul Edwards from the Old Fashioned Bathrooms company explains “it’s almost like Victorian times are seen as some kind of golden age of the bathroom. Many of the bathrooms we now sell are in a traditional or Victorian style and as a result clients often like to hang pictures or prints from that age.” An typical example that he cites is the following Victorian art print.

Octopus art

The print is not colourful – in fact the lack of colour just sets the tone and is also interesting to the bathroom art aficionado in that it combines both a Victorian and ocean theme

Bathrooms and ‘Ocean’ art

For many people the default setting for bathroom art revolves around the use of shells, pebbles and other flotsam and jetsam from the sea. Unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship and washed ashore seem to provide a wealth of material for bathroom art as some of the examples below show.

Ocean art for bathrooms

The obvious connection with bathrooms and the sea is water but there is also the fact that the kind of material used here won’t deteriorate in moist conditions. The same can be said for tiled artwork.

Unique tiling art

With a little bit of imagination you can create some unique bathroom artwork using tiles. There’s some great examples by Anthony Gerace using imagery found in magazines from the 1920s through to the 1950s which have been painstakingly cut and rearranged.


You can see more of his mesmerising work here.

A mosaic of tiles can also be used to great effect as the example below shows. There is more than a little influence of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian in this bathroom artwork.


Naked Bathroom Art

The connection of nakedness and bathrooms doesn’t need a great deal of explanation. Simple, basic line drawn prints maker some of the most impressive yet understated artworks that you could place in a bathroom.

Naked bathroom

If you visit websites like Etsy or Pinterest there are literally thousands of original ideas to get good and original artwork into your bathroom. If you haven’t got time to create your own designs then classic black and white photos and prints are an easy and cheap alternative as long as they are set behind glass so that they cannot be damaged easily by moisture.

So there is no excuse now for just having plain white tiles and light blue painted dull walls!