Artist Julian Kirk had the idea of setting up BigArt in November 1999. The principle aim was to provide high quality artworks direct to the public whilst nurturing British-based painters, printmakers and sculptors.

More recently the focus for BigArt has been on providing UK workplaces and homes with contemporary, large scale works of art. As well as large, modern painting we have also provided bespoke artwork for office and home interiors – we provide great value for money and our consultations / estimates are free. For more information about bespoke BigArt services, please call 0794 1133745 (Monday – Friday, standard UK office hours).

You can also buy artwork from the site itself – each Artist has their own web page with thumbnail-sized images enlargeable at the click of a mouse, plus details of the individual’s influences and aims. Prices tend to range between £20 and £1000. These relatively modest figures reflect the fact that clients are often only able to view a digitally reproduced screen image prior to purchase.

A short history of Big Art

After many years working as a studio artist and illustrator in Britain and abroad, Kirk’s desire to establish an Internet-based art gallery could no longer be suppressed. A central maxim for Kirk’s motivation and excitement in the new project was the conviction that people need art in their lives – though some of us may not yet realize how much we need it! “Art really is ‘no longer an option’ in the 21st century with great new artwork now priced within the reach of us all.”

Recent BigArt developments

A few years ago BigArt decided to re-focus the website by reducing the number of artists from over 100 to just a select few. We still have many personal contacts with some fine British contemporary artists, but as mentioned earlier, we decided to focus on bespoke work for stylish offices and architect-designed, modern homes.

In recent times we have been brilliantly supported by the Money Saving Experts, who have been amazing in helping us to promote this website and advance the BigArt concept.

Bespoke modern art from BigArt
A typical artwork for a modern office setting or a stylish contemporary home


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